Relax Spa Stone Massage & Crystals (Geo-thermal Candling)

  • Treatments can be one hour and up to 90 minutes can include
  • Facial with Rose quartz crystals
  • Spa treatment using hot/cold stones
  • Try a massage Fusion with Aroma oils
  • Invigorating treatment for the whole body
  • Temperature treatment good for circulation and elimination
  • Enhances deep relaxation
  • Stimulates the nervous system and stress relief
  • Geo-thermal Candling for the ear, sinus, headaches...
  • For short and mini spa treatments to pamper

60 or 90 minutes and 2 hrs Fusion (Aroma & Spa package)

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Relax Spa Stone massage is a full-body treatment using Hot & Cold stones that are applied to the skin for a Chilled out and Tranquil experience.  The massage is the Yin and the Yang of spa using hot/cold stones for a very Invigorating massage that will touch your Mind, Body and Soul.  Today in a stressful environment the importance of spa treatments have grown and the use of varying temperatures in massage for the overall health, stress relief and pampering.  The stone in the hands of an experience masseur can be used to work deep in to the muscle but in an intensely soothing way.  Hot and cold stone massage can be adapted for one hour and up to 90 minutes treatment and can combine well with Aroma oils.  It can include a stimulating Facial or extra attention for tired Feet or Hands.  Additionally, massage for mini spas for small groups and events. 

La Stone developed by Mary Nelson to work as a holistic massage that is deeply energising.  Using Native American influences and knowledge she founded a treatment that has grown worldwide.  The therapist when applying the hot and cold stones will make sure that the client is ready and comfortable at all times and may ask client to breath during the routine.  The sensation of applying the hot/cold stones is so very stimulating to the whole body and extremely balancing.  Please contact me if you need to see the full price list.