Revitalise Deep Tissue

  • A one hour treatment that can be adapted to 90 minutes
  • Regular ongoing treatments benefit the body and maintenance
  • Helps to prevent sport injuries using deep tissue release or soft tissue manipulation
  • If you have ongoing discomfort or muscular pain
  • Any restricted mobility
  • If you are recovery from an injury
  • Good for sports injuries
  • Any repetitive strains
  • General Muscle tension

60 or 90 minutes

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Revitalise Deep Tissue is a full-body massage that can be extremely refreshing for mind, body and soul.  The massage treatment applied to the skin with oil to warm and ease muscles.  It uses the classic Swedish massage strokes but these are applied much slower and deeper for an intensely relaxing massage.  It can lasts from one hour or up to 90 minutes to release stress and soothe muscular tension. 

The Deep Tissue moves used are more muscle focused than traditional massage and use gradual, prolonged deep pressure stokes and directly to penetrate the deeper layers of the muscle tissue.  The treatment is especially good for tension around the neck, shoulders and back. At times there may be some discomfort but this can be eased by asking client to breathe deeply.  Deep Tissue is one of our most popular styles of massage along side Swedish and Sports.  Deep Tissue or Sport Massage techniques for more specific sports injury, recovery and maintenance.  Also the treatment can be incorporated with elements of Aroma Spice and Spa La Stone for an extremely calming massage. Please contact me if you need to see the full price list.