Zen Thai Table Massage & Herb Compress

  • One hour fully clothed massage
  • Try a Thai Fusion with Aroma oils or with a Herb Compress
  • Increases circulation
  • Benefits all the major organs and systems of the body
  • Maintains muscles and increases mobility to the joints
  • Prevents further injury to muscles and joints
  • Releases toxins and is energising for the whole body
  • Thai Table can include a Herbs Compress for spa & relaxation

Zen Thai Table Massage 60 mins Or Herb Compress 90 mins

2 hrs Fusion (Aroma & Spa package)

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Zen Thai Table Massage is both a very relaxing and energising full body treatment applied through the clothes or as a Spa Compress treatment.  It is has been adapted to a table to make it more versatile and use a range of different techniques.  The treatment includes the feet, hands, head and face so that Thai Table can easily be adapted with Aroma Spice for a completely Zen experience.

Thai Table techniques are applied using mainly hands, elbows and feet.  Whilst combining styles that use rocking, gentle stretches, kneading and Zen lines maintaining Traditional Thai massage which is usually performed on a padded mats on the floor.  This treatment is still just as beneficial and dynamic.  The massage works on the all of the systems of the body whilst rejuvenating and at the same time releasing blockages.  Please contact me if you need to see the full price list.