Relax Aroma Therapy

  • One Hour Treatment and can be extended to 90 minutes (with an Head/Holistic Facial)

  • The Aroma oils reduce Stress and increase Relaxation

  • Essential oils when applied during a massage are absorbed by the skin and warming for the muscles

  • Ease Muscular Discomfort & Chronic Pain.

  • Beneficial for Back, Shoulders & Neck Tension

  • Very Soothing and Calming for the Mind

  • Aroma Head/Facial Points & Massage can soothe Ear, Sinus, Hay Fever, TMJ, Headaches...

  • The Healing benefits for the whole of the Body, Nervous system and Sensory

  • A Holistic treatment that is Balancing for Energy Centres & Enhances overall Well Being

90 minutes or 2 hours see (Aroma & Spa Packages)

Package of Six One Hour Treatments

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Relax Aroma Therapy is a full body massage using organic blended aromatic oils and applied to the skin to create a Chilled and Tranquil treatment.  The massage uses blends of essential oils that are absorbed through the skin and aid muscular discomfort. Aroma infusions such as calming Lavender, sweet fragrance of Orange Blossom, warm spicy Cinnamon and cooling Peppermint.  Choose from our pre-blended or a personalised Aroma oils.  This combines well with Relax Spa Stone and for facials or hands/foot massage. 

The essential oils will stimulate the circulation and penetrate in to the skin and are renowned to heal as they go deep in to tissue and are taken in to the blood stream. These oils work gently with our own bodies systems and the aroma of the essential oils help to aid client to further relax, soothe or and uplift.  The smell of the oils also stimulates our senses which induce a balancing effect on the mind, spirit and on the whole of the body.  Please contact me if you need to see the full price list.