Relax Holistic Massage

Why not try our Hydrotherm 3D Massage(Holistic), please ask for more information...

  • One Hour Treatment

  • Increased Relaxation and Reduces Stress

  • For Mind, Body & overall Well-Being

  • Ease Muscular Discomfort & Chronic Pain

  • Improve Posture

  • Relieve Back, Shoulders & Neck Tension

  • Helps Work Related Conditions

  • Aids Pain Management & RSI

  • It can be Beneficial for Digestive system and the Whole Body

60 OR 90 minutes

Package of Six One Hour Treatments

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Relax Holistic Massage is a full body treatment that is very Soothing and Stimulating at the same time.  The Holistic massage intends to bring about balance and the practitioner treats client as a Whole, considering their Emotional and Spiritual Well-being as well as the physical body.  The strokes and moves are applied directly to the skin using oil.  The techniques aid to increase the circulation, warms the muscles, softens the skin, encourages lymphatic drainage and calms the mind.  The classic style of this massage helps to ease a way the aches and pains.  It is one of our most popular types of massage a long side Deep Tissue and Sports.

Swedish is the basis of most Western styles of massage and a regular massage treatments help to alleviate ongoing muscular tensions and are a preventive measure.  Also available is Revitalise Sports (Trigger) for ongoing sports injury or Revitalise Deep Tissue is a massage that is used to work deeper in to the muscles.  Please contact me if you need to see the full price list.