Relax Indian Head Massage

  • A One Hour treatment

  • Reduces Stress and enhances Relaxation

  • Balancing Energy Centres & Calming for the Mind

  • Helps alleviate Muscular Discomfort

  • Ease Work Related conditions Back, Shoulders & Neck Tension

  • Improve Poor Posture (especially for those that work on computers)

  • Aids Pain Management & RSI

  • Head Massage Strengthens & Encourages Hair Growth

  • Head/Facial Points & Massage can soothe Ear, Sinus, HayFever, TMJ, Headaches...

  • Holistic treatment Beneficial for the Whole Body

  • The length of the session can be adapted 10. 20, 30, 40 minutes and up to one hour treatments.

One Hour OR Package of Six One Hour Treatments

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Relax Indian Head Massage helps to relief the everyday Stresses and Strains.  It promotes Well-being and Balance.  It is performed on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.  The Head massage can be applied with or without oils.  When oils are used these are organic Aromatic warming infusions and combinations of Flowers, Mint, Citrus and Spice.  Choose from our pre-blended oils or a personalised Aroma blends.  The essential oils are both soothing and stimulating for the scalp and for the hair. 

Having regular Indian Head massages can strengthen and encourage hair growth.  Indian Head Massage has its roots in Avedic practices and focuses on balancing the principal chakra energies.  Narendra Mehta is the main person who established Indian Head massage in the West, blind from birth but a keen interest in alternative therapies and would eventually found his own centre in London for Indian Head Massage.  Please contact me if you need to see the full price list.