Soothing Pregnancy Massage/Baby Massage & Soft Stretch

Pregnancy Massage (from Second Trimester) One Hour

  • A perfectly Safe and Relaxing treatment

  • Beneficial for Mum & Baby

  • Mum to be in Good General Health

Baby Massage & Soft Stretch One hour  (3 - 4 sessions)

  • Baby Massage Relaxing for Mum and Baby (Organic oils used)

  • Beneficial for Baby’s development

  • Aids common problems ie Colic, Eczema & Sleep

  • A great way for Mums to Meet, Socialise & Support each other

Pregnancy Massage 60 minutes

Baby Massage & Soft Stretch 60 minutes (3 - 4 sessions)

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Soothing Pregnancy Massage a perfectly safe treatment for Mum's to be and is very beneficial during pregnancy.  Relaxing for Mum and Baby.  Supports changes about to take place both the physical and emotional.  In particular lower back discomfort which is often common during pregnancy.  Pregnancy Massage usually take place in side-line position but if you choose to have a Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage instead this is preformed whilst lying on warm water filled cushions... You can just Relax because there will be No need to turnover during your treatment.  Instead Face Up to a new Massage, your neck and back is supported in Spinal Alignment. The warmth of the cushions will ease muscular tension and the Hydrotherm system allows access to your muscles within a three dimensional way. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more.  I will complete a full consultation prior to massage to make sure that this is the right treatment for you.

Baby Massage & Soft Stretch is a very beneficial treatment for Mother and baby.  The Baby massage moves are learnt first over a course of sessions and these can be progressed on to additional lessons for soft stretch techniques.  It's a great way for Mum to spend quality fun time with baby through touch.  Massage can be started from as early as four months old and as baby develops then the soft stretch techniques can be added.  It has been shown that massage is particularly great for bonding with your baby and especially beneficial for pre-mature babies it has been shown as very effective.  Massage is very relaxing for baby and can be easily incorporated in to your routine after a bath or before putting baby to sleep.  Whilst baby is still growing and the body’s systems are still developing massage can be very helpful during this time. 

One to one baby massage instruction consists of 3 – 4 lessons that last one hour. 

Sessions for small groups of Mums and babies available contact me for more details.

You will need to have a mat and a towel.  The course will provide instructions and organic massage oils.  The course is fun, you will use music and nursery songs as part of the routines taught.  There are some simple relaxation techniques for Mum.