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The art of massage has been practised since Ancient Egypt and beyond.  Since very early civilisation, The Egyptian depicted themselves performing massage on their historical buildings and paintings because they knew the great benefits of massage for our health.


Massage & Treatments: A Holistic perspective

Elayne Hibbert

My journey, I am a fully professional and qualified practitioner, and certified since 2001.  I graduated from London University of East London with a BA Hons in Social Sciences. I have always been especially passionate about Complimentary Heath. I particularly became interested in Massage Therapy after watching a Seated Acupressure display at a Complimentary Health exhibition in London Olympia and decided to try a treatment.  It was Amazing! and I could immediately see how Massage Therapy could greatly benefit those with back and health-related conditions.

It led me to completely change my career path and go on to learn Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Seated Acupressure and Deep Tissue Massage. I really wanted to be able to help those in pain, and specialise so I went on to do advanced study at The University of St Mary’s whereby I was awarded a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy for Injury Prevention and Management.

Our approach is Holistic for the Body & Mind. There are many Positive effects of incorporating a regular massage within your routine. A Sports Massage can be specifically beneficial for general tension, muscular discomfort, pain management, stress and for the whole body. 

Highlights! provided massage for the London Marathon, Ride 100, Hackney Full/Half Marathon and Shelter. 

I continue to advance my ongoing learning and development. 

Elayne Mob: 07915 082 806


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