Sports Massage Therapy - London

Make Time & Space for You!

Welcome to Agija Breeze Sports Massage to Relax, Soothe & Revive You! A Fully Qualified & Professional Massage Therapist with a Holistic approach for Body, Mind & Spa. Our Therapeutic styles include Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapy.

Are you getting the results that you are hoping for? You might be a runner or cyclist who just cannot get to the next level in your training schedule? Plagued by niggles and repetitive strains. Are these holding you back! Preventing you from training and reaching your goals. It might be lower back tension, tight hips, hamstrings... Bridge that gap with a Sports Massage for Preventative & Recovery.

Clinic Massage Therapy & Treatments

Stretch your limitations... 

Body: Muscular Tension & Chronic Pain

Mind: Stress & Relaxation

Spa: Balancing & Energise

I have got your Back, we also are Mobile for Workplace/Events/Pop Up!

Seated Acupressure  & Sports Massage is beneficial for:-

  • Ease Back Tension, achy shoulders and neck

  • Reduce Stress

  • Adds a hint of Fun to any Event

  • A pick me Up

  • Can increase Productivity within the Workplace

  • A welcome Treat by All!

I hope that my web page will inspire and that by having regular Massage will enhance your Well-being. Providing treatments for individual clients, groups and events.  Please go to Packages or Gallery or Location to find out more...