TWe Value Your Privacy!

It is important to us that you have a quality and personalised service which includes keeping your data safe. 


Our Policy is we do Not Store the Data that you Supply on this Website or Share Data with Third Party Data Processors. 

The icon next to our URL in the browser is displayed showing our website is "safe" and "secure".  It uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is a standard security protocol for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a web browser.  This link ensures that all data exchanged between the browser and the server remains secure.  You must always check the policy of the browser that you are using regarding their cookies and security.  Our website does use "cookies" you would have already agreed by Continuing to browse our website.

Contact & Correspondence

If you choose to "Opt In" to receiving E-mails or Updates, you can easily "Opt Out" by contacting:

Regarding texts and phones calls a "Soft Option" is in place so that at any time you can "Opt Out".


Individual Client Bookings Must be Confirmed by Therapist or Practitioner.

Event's and Workplace Bookings.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Elayne:

E-mail: or Tel: 07915 082 0806

Our policies are reviewed, please check this page or website for updates.  This privacy policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.