Individual Client/s - Massage & Holistic Treatments

All Booking Requests for a Massage or Holistic Treatment, the client Must receive a Confirmation via e-mail or text message from Therapist/Practitioner prior to appointment going ahead.

Therapist will always use professional equipment and have all the materials needed to provide Massage or Treatment.  Unless a home visit and it has been discussed before specifically that client will provide any towels or pillows needed.

A Consultation Form is required as it is part of our professional training, prior to a Massage or Holistic Treatment proceeding.  We only collect the relevant data and the details includes Personal Information for example Name, Address, DOB, Telephone number and E-mail.  In addition, we are required to ask you questions about your general health to establish if there are any "contra-indications" and discuss if treatment is suitable for you.  The Therapist will consider making any modifications or adaptions to meet client requirements.  It has been found that Massage or Holistic therapy can be beneficial for certain health conditions, including relaxation, stress and for muscular discomfort.  The Client reads through the consultation form before they consent, has access to this information, can ask for data to be updated/amended and can request a copy of the data held.  The paperwork is maintained by the Therapist and is kept securely as in accordance with the current Data Protection Act.  The data is held as long as necessary and as required by our Insurers.  Read more about our Data policy here

Please contact Elayne about any queries or for pricelist via website contact or e-mail: or call 07915 082 806

Our policies are reviewed, please check this page or website for updates.  This privacy policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.