The Therapist would have corresponded via e-mail with the organiser of event or workplace co-ordinator confirming details ie date, time, venue, the specifics and artillery for the day/dates.

Therapist requires a work space or private room to preform massage/treatment/s.  The Therapist brings with them the Professional equipment to be used and all materials to preform massage or treatment.  Unless an alternative has been discussed namely a standard chair provided instead for shoulder and neck massages via the event or organiser or company.  

Before a Massage or Treatment can take place, the Therapist will go through with the client a brief general Health check and will ask them to sign a disclaimer confirming that they have read and are in good general health.  If there are any contra-indications to treatment the Therapist will discuss if it is suitable to go ahead or if there are any modifications or adaptions that can be made.  Massage or Holistic Therapy can be beneficial for some health conditions and including muscular discomfort, stress and for relaxation.  The paperwork ie list of names and signatures is kept securely by Therapist as in accordance with the current Data Protection Act.  The data is held as long as necessary and as required by our Insurers.  Read More about our Data Policy Here

Please contact Elayne about any queries or for pricelist via website contact or e-mail: or call 07915 082 806

Our policies are reviewed, please check this page or website for updates.  This privacy policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.