Hackney Half Marathon 8th May 2016

I had a fab time providing post event sport massage within the FIX tent at the Hackney Half Marathon.  The team of therapists managed to massage over 450 runners which had been an increase from what we did the year before.  The day was especially hot 25 degrees which made it more of a challenge because most of the runners would have trained in much cooler temperatures.  The participants at the event were varied in experience some seasoned runners and for others it has been their first event. 

The type of massage treatment required by most of the runners had been for muscle fatigue and tension front and back of legs. Especially within quadriceps, hamstrings, IT band and calves.  In addition some had tightness within their lower back and gluteal muscles. 

The main concern that day for most of the runners had been the temperature because many of them had not taken on enough fluids and were suffering from heat exhaustion.  The St John’s ambulance would have been busy but they did a fantastic job.  Most of the athlete’s successfully completed the half marathon within two hours despite the intensity of the heat.

Running - Key Points:-

Pace yourself so you have enough fuel to finish the run

Take on enough fluids

Carb UP choose slow release & healthy options

Incorporate stretching within your training programme which will help prevent injury

Keep warm after run as your body temperature can drop

For strains and sprains remember R.I.C.E.

If symptoms continue for more than 72 hours please do visit your GP

Finally why not try a sports massage which is extremely effective prior and post sporting activities

Happy running this summer and autumn.  There are so many running events to sign up to and at the same time you stay fit and healthy…

2Live + Love + Life