It is still surprising to me how many people still just do not drink sufficient water throughout the day which is fundamental to our whole body system and health. Before a client can have massage treatment I go through a consultation form with them and there will always be a section on diet and fluid intake.  I have heard every reason why someone is not drinking enough water from “does fizzy drinks count” or “water is boring” to “if I drink too much I need to go to the toilet more often”. 

The practitioner will always encourage clients to drink more water as part of their well-being and particularly after a massage.  The therapist has not just worked on your muscles, eased tensions, relaxed or energised you.  Also incorporated within the massage are strokes to flush out toxins which is of no concern to the client and by drinking more water will further assist the elimination process. 

Even with a busy and an active lifestyle you can still make drinking water part of your routine.  If possible drink filtered or bottled water (which has calcium, magnesium etc) these both are better options.  We can start our day in the morning with some warm water with lemon juice to cleanse our system.  It is common in Eastern countries to drink warm water throughout the day which can be energizing for the Chi or Ki energy. 

Popular teas to drink are green tea or rooibos tea (caffeine free) these are both high in anti-oxidants.  Drinking herbal teas will have additional benefits ie peppermint is kind to the digestive system, chamomile is calming and great to drink before you go to sleep and ginger tea is very warming in the winter time.  Black teas can be great to but best drunk with no milk or sugar.  The caffeine in tea is more slowly releasing than coffee however, if you are caffeine sensitive then avoid.

It is easier than you think:

  • Start your day with warm water and lemon juice

  • Remember to sip water do not guzzle

  • Carry a bottle of water around with you

  • Drink water at room temperature or warm water (more energising)

  • Flavor your water/teas with lemon or lime (try iced in the summer)

  • Fresh juices and five day do count but drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

  • If you do sports or active replace fluid loss by drinking additional water

  • When you are flagging in the day have water instead of coffee

  • If you do have coffee drink a glass of water per cup

Your skin is the largest organ of your body if you want to keep your skin supple and soft or your mind active throughout the day hydrate.  If want to make sure that all the systems of your body keep functioning well and rid your body of toxins hydrate by drinking enough water every day.  No more excuses make it part of your daily routine.

2Live + Love + Life

E. Hibbert