Daily Affirmations & Visualisation

Affirmations are positive thoughts that can help you to stay focused on your goals.  The idea behind positive thoughts or affirmations is what you say about yourself, others, your environment and the world can become a reality.  These are words or thoughts that are either spoken out loud, whispered or silently said to ourselves or written down.  If positive thoughts are incorporated in to our daily life’s they maintain a link between us and our goals, hopes and dreams.

Affirmations can be used within business, by sports persons and individuals who wish to enhance their life in some way and their achievements.

The affirmation or positive thought is repeated daily and often the desired goal can be written on a piece of paper and kept close at hand.  These are then either placed at home on a wall, fridge door, at your office or work place on your computer/screen and even inside your wallet.

The goal or affirmation is enhanced by the pure and good intentions and that it will not be of harm to others.  It is for the good of all involved and it is released in the sense that you do not hang on to the objective, though it keeps you connected but let it go and surround with positive thoughts and energy.

When the affirmation is repeated on a daily basis and through the day it keeps the individual person focused on their goal but not attached to outcome.  It is has been shown that if you do repeat positive affirmations on a daily basis over the course of time and with good intention and not to harm others then dreams can come true.  The positive words start to become a reality for those who wish to achieve a goal or bring about a positive state of mind.  It usually takes several days, weeks or months for goal or goals to start to materialise, vibrate a positive energy which is depending on the final outcome

It is possible to create affirmations that focus on the end result or you can take smaller steps before visualising your main outcome.  For example building your affirmations around running 3 miles, then 6 miles instead of 26 miles or successfully completing the examine instead of the awarded qualification.  Eventually by using smaller steps you can achieve your final desired goal/s.

Affirmations can be used for personalised reasons ie goals, health, wealth, happiness, love, partner, friends and family.  In addition for universal good ie world peace, nature, harmony, love and humanity.

One of the most famous affirmation is by Mohammad Ali the world champion boxer and role model “I am the greatest”.  He always talk like a winner and what he said mostly materialised.  It is especially Mohammad Ali’s courage that we will remember when he was faced with his greatest fight against Parkinson’s disease and he still remained a champion.

Here are 10 examples of some positive "Self" affirmations:-

  • I am competent, smart and able
  • I believe in myself
  • I recognise the many good qualities that I have
  • I see the best in others
  • I surround myself with people who bring out the best in me
  • I let go of negative thoughts and feelings about myself
  • I love who I have become
  • I am always growing and developing
  • My options resonate with who I am
  • I am congruent in everything I say and do